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Hotel Resort at Sunrise

A journey of

luxury & tradition.

Discover the Essence of Cashmere Hotels - a blend of ancient luxury and modern elegance. Our story begins centuries ago, inspired by the legendary Silk Road, where explorers and traders ventured across diverse terrains, from scorching deserts to isolated mountain passes. Amidst this backdrop of adventure and commerce, a rare treasure emerged: Cashmere.

Originating from the Pashmina Goat, Cashmere quickly became a symbol of opulence, cherished by royalty and elites across distant lands.


This fabric, known for its softness, warmth, and simplicity, symbolizes the essence of our

hotel group.

The essence of Cashmere

Hotel Group.

At Cashmere Hotel Group, we intertwine these age-old values with contemporary sophistication. Our guests, seasoned travelers with rich stories, find a unique blend of comfort and luxury at each of our destinations. Our hotels are more than just places to stay; they are a home away from home, offering personalized experiences wrapped in the luxury and warmth of cashmere.

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The genesis

of luxury.

At the heart of Cashmere Resorts lies the visionary spirit of Lesley Carey. With a storied career that spans over decades, Lesley has been a catalyst in transforming the luxury hospitality sector. From revitalizing iconic establishments like The Crescent and The Argyle to pioneering the development of globally celebrated hotel brands, her journey is a testament to her innate ability to infuse properties with unparalleled luxury and value.

Our expert team has a combined 300 years experience in the luxury hospitality market including lifestyle boutique hotels, resorts, retail, restaurants, and spas.

Lesley Carey
Founder & CEO

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